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To unleash brave ideas that make a difference.

We’ve Been Busy

Here’s some of the work we’ve produced just in the last 8 months. There’s even more to see at

  • Be Brave

    It’s our tagline. It’s our mantra. And it’s our culture. Every day, our teams tap into the magic that comes from taking on new challenges.

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Coast to Coast

SCOUT has three amazing offices in three equally amazing cities.


As a fully integrated agency, we can pretty much do it all. But here is a quick peek at the expertise we can provide.

  • Strategy, Insights, & Analytics

  • Social & Engagement

  • Creative Thinking & Content Development

  • Technology

  • Brand Activation

Proprietary Services

  • Experimental think-tank to harness our Brave thinking and ideas.

  • Digital content development powerhouse.

  • Proprietary database comprised of moms from around the U.S.

  • Evolving brand development into brand storytelling.

Our Clients

  • Antron
  • Carvel
  • Campbells
  • Coke-VEB
  • DCCU
  • Farm-Rich
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Lycra
  • Natures-Own
  • SeaPak
  • Stainmaster
  • Wonder

If your brands were more like a human more humans would LIKE your brand.

  • Why do we want to be more human?

    Humans are social empathetic beings and desire socially-responsible brands. Research shows brands that behave more like humans have a distinct advantage over the competition. Consumer bonds tend to be stronger and more forgiving.

  • Why Care

Putting brand strategy in context

At SCOUT, we seek to humanize brands by looking from the outside in to drive breakthrough marketing and creative strategy. We believe cultural context is critical and that consideration of diverse, informed perspectives is essential to our success in this endeavor.

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A Distinctly Human Process

for building brand relationships through strategy


    We fully immerse in your brand. That means considering all existing assets, understanding who we're talking with, and filling in any gaps.


    Time to walk a mile in our consumer's shoes by generating insights, building personas, and lining it all up with our client's vision.


    Here's where we turn our empathy meter up to eleven, workshopping with all key people to align our brand with our consumers' values.


    Now we create your brand's story pillars - the blueprints for your brand's ongoing story. It's a strategic guideline for your brand's narrative.


    We've done lots of thinking, now it's time for doing! We bring your story to life with content that connects with consumers.


    We've agreed on key performance indicators. Now it's time to measure, track, and continue to make things better.

  • Better. Together.

    SCOUT is a proud member of The Stagwell Group. Their portfolio includes sixteen best-in-class agencies focused on what modern CMOs need.

    • They are built upon the art and science of creativity. The Stagwell companies share a belief in extensive research, advanced analytics, digital savviness, innovation, and the "Big Idea".

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Thanks again for your time. We’d love to talk one-on-one about what SCOUT can do to help O'Charley's grow.

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