If your brand were more like a human

more humans would LIKE your brand

Humans are social, empathetic beings. We care about other people.
That’s why people are more likely to connect with brands that act like humans.

Don’t take our word for it. Research clearly shows that brands that behave like people are more likely to succeed than their competitors.

How does it work

SCOUT brings humanity to brands by uniting social science, brand strategy, data, and improvisation to discover and harness every brand's potential for being more human.

Social Science

lightbulb idea social science human brand method

Brand Strategy

strategy arrow human brand method

Data & Analytics

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improv brain human brand method

The Approach

SCOUT's six-stage approach to branding follows the way humans get to know each other.

1. First Impressions

We fully immerse in your brand. That means considering all existing assets, understanding who we're talking with, and filling-in any gaps

couple first impressions human brand method

2. Getting Familiar

Time to walk a mile in our consumer's shoes by generating insights, building personas, and lining it all up with our client's vision.

couple get familiar human brand method

3. Common Ground

Here's where we turn our empathy-meter up to eleven, workshopping with all key people to align our brand with our consumers' values.

hand heart common ground human brand method

4. Making a Commitment

Now we create your brand's story pillars—the blueprints for your brand's ongoing story. It's a strategic guideline for your brand's narrative.

proposal commitment human brand method

5. Living the Commitment

We've done lots of thinking, now it's time for doing! We bring your story to life with content that connects with consumers.

hand holding commitment human brand method

6. Accountability

We've agreed on Key Performance Indicators. Now it's time to measure, track, and continue to make things better.

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The Output

The Human Brand Method leads to a personalized action plan on how to unveil and deliver every brand's unique humanity.

Want to see more? We'd love to talk to you about your brand anytime.