Chillax, You’ve Got This.

About SeaPak: With delicious products that are easy to enjoy anytime, SeaPak is focused on helping busy families look for ways to reduce stress, increase wellness and add more mindfulness and calm into their everyday.

The Chillax, You’ve Got This™ campaign relocates the brand from a coastal location to a state of mind people can escape to anytime, anywhere. Introducing a character in the videos, the Chillax Lady brings a new level of passion, personality and helpfulness to the brand.

Print and digital advertising uses the quirky and clever voice of the Chillax Lady to drive clicks to recipes, product information or coupons on

Website: Fully responsive and totally chill. The updated SeaPak website provides recipes, deals, and information on a regular basis.

Social: SeaPak shares a range of original content focused on helping families relax and enjoy mealtime, including current events, sustainability, and a long line of entertaining hacks.

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