Cobblestone Bread Co.

Take Sandwich Making Seriously

About Cobblestone – a brief overview: Cobblestone Bread Co. is dedicated to one thing – bread. From whole grains to the simple genius of right sized bread, Cobblestone will transform your sandwich into a culinarian masterwork.

Digital Content: He knows CBC Bread like the back of his hand. He is the Sandwich Affectionado and he takes sandwich making seriously. He has a passion for CBC that he has to share. Follow his words of wisdomness and you’ll be on your way to making sandwiches more perfectible.

Promotional: The love of Cobblestone runs in the family. Rolland Bunley, our Sandwich Affectionado’s grandfather planted the seed for taking Sandwich making seriously when he penned the semi-autobiographical, The Rise of Bread — A Complete History.

Website: The updated Cobblestone website provides recipes, deals, and information on a regular basis.

Social content: On social channels, our Sandwich Affectionado continues his campaign to become the world’s foremost appraiser of sandwiches. Recipes, product spotlights, and a dictionary of deliciousness all come together to round out the CBC brand.

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