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About Carvel Ice Cream Cakes: Started as a simple scoop shop, the Carvel brand has expanded from a regional favorite into a national name. With a variety of ice cream cakes available in supermarkets nationwide, Carvel is no longer just a special treat; it’s a delicious (and nostalgic) addition to special occasions and everyday celebrations alike.

Website Redesign: To move from a simple product page to a more immersive web experience, we designed the all-new to create a place for ice cream cake fans to find their favorite treats along with year-round savings and information about Carvel’s newest offerings. The new site has been instrumental in the launch of new branded cakes including PEANUTS and HELLO KITTY.

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Social Media Showcase: By increasing Carvel’s presence on social media and on mobile devices, we increased awareness of the product to our shoppers while they were still going about their day, making Carvel a part of their after-work shopping list.

Promotional Materials: In-store and out-of-home collateral creates awareness during shopping trips, making visibility key. Focusing on specific products and occasions, we take advantage of different celebration seasons to make Carvel a year-round treat for our shoppers’ families.

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