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Hi, we’re SCOUT

An agency that believes that human connection is the key to a thriving brand.

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  • Robot or Human?

    How can you tell if a brand is loved?

    A huge majority of brands would not pass the “robot” or “human” test. Humans are social, empathetic beings and desire socially responsible brands.

  • Why Care

Our Human Approach

We start and end with real living people and know that empathy is paramount to engaging work...

Our Human Approach

And hey, weak spots just make you even more human. There’s nothing humans love more than an UNDERDOG.

  • Our unique approach begins with data-driven analysis (that sounds like robots, but it's not).

    It's a nerdy partnership between SCOUT and Harris Insights.

    We create a brand's Human Score based on the five core signs humans use to sniff out real talk vs corporate robot talk.

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A Distinctly Human Process

  • True Beginnings

    Let’s discover your brand’s human score. We’ll research the truth about where you’re winning and where you can improve.

  • The Plan

    Then we’ll strategize a plan to raise your brand personality in the categories you need to win while creating blueprints for your long-term brand story.

  • Creative Human Ideas

    We can’t wait to introduce you to our empathetic creatives who live and breathe ideas that make brands more human. Plus SCOUT creatives strive to get as many eyeballs for your dollar as possible, stretching that dollar for absolute value.

  • Watch the Scoreboard

    At SCOUT we know the method works. Just keep an eye on your score as we prove it and more humans find your brand relatable, entertaining, helpful, a consideration, and, ultimately, a necessity in their lives.

Core Categories

  • Consumer Package Goods

    Home Goods

    Food & Beverage

    Mom Brands/Products/Services

    Women-Focused Brands

    Wellness Brands

  • Retail


    Business to Business

    Financial Services

    Pet Products

Key Services

  • Creative Ideation

    Digital Media, SEM


    Business Solution POV

    Integrated Marketing Plans

    Campaign Development

    Social Media

    Shopper Marketing

  • Market Research


    Masterbrand Strategy Work

    Brand Architecture

    Brand Positioning

    Content Strategy

    Marketing Automation

  • Broadcast/Print

    Video Development

    User Experience

    Web Development

    Analytics & ROI Optimization

    Product/Innovation Roadmaps

Additional Brand Experience

  • TOMS


    Old Navy

    Bank of America


    Minute Maid


    Kit Kat/Hershey's

    Royal Caribbean

    State Farm

    NBA on TNT

  • Kimberly-Clark






    Brown Forman


    Mattress Firm

    Atlanta United


  • Citi




    Isabelle Armstrong


    Pergo Flooring

    Alliant Credit Union

    Ford Motor Co



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