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I Am Not Creative

Dana Callow By Dana Callow

“I am not creative.”

Someone told you that, or you decided on your own after one or more episodes of rejection. But it’s simply not true. We are all creative, period.

However, creativity is like a competitive sport where not everyone plays fair. The ability to be creative may be innate, but the ability to express it, sell it, and bring an idea to life is a valuable commodity yielding both pleasure and dollars.

If you’ve talked yourself into the belief that you are not creative, can you change? Yes, you can. Creativity is a belief system, and you need to start believing in yourself again. The other thing you need to do? Become a sponge. Not the kind that cleans stuff up, but the kind that soaks it all in—all of it.

Stop staring at your devices, and stare at your world. See it, smell it, touch it, taste it—and beg it to inspire you. Take your challenges and questions, and make your day solve them as you move through it.

For example, you want to redecorate your bedroom. So do you buy a bunch of decorating magazines, visit some websites and boards on Pinterest, and drop into stores that sell decor? Instead, take a trip into the city or the country and tour a few museums, go dancing, or find a busy corner and just watch traffic—motor and pedestrian. Be inspired by the unique presentation of food on a plate. Take pictures and notes (on your device) and build your own unique palette. Turn it into patterns and colors and textures. Do it. Own it.

It’s all about the confidence.

This practice can also be applied to pretty much every marketing challenge. (But we know you don’t have time for that (wink). )That’s why we exist. So the next time you look at creative work and ask yourself “Where did they get that idea?” know that it came from a team of confident sponges.