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Do You Love Your Job?

Bob Costanza By Bob Costanza

Webster’s defines a job as “a paid position of regular employment.” Really?

Well, do you love your job?

In my fortunate lifetime, I’ve had only a couple of “jobs,” and when I came to the realization that a job was all it was, I found the strength to leave and find something that was fulfilling.

81% of people hate their job.* 81%! Well, take a moment and scan 10 people in your office, including yourself, and try to pick out the 8 people who hate their job and think about why they feel that way.

Now, let’s focus on the 2 who love their job, and let’s think about why they feel that way.

Anyone I know who really loves his or her job wouldn’t call it a job. It’s what they do for a living; it’s what keeps their heart beating; it’s what makes them laugh, and cry, too.

Jeff Bezos loves what he does, and so does Howard Schultz, Ron Howard, Meryl Streep, Peyton Manning, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, Bill Gates, Derek Jeter, Adam Levin, and Arnold Palmer, and so did David Ogilvy and Steve Jobs. What’s with that?

If you don’t love your job, don’t whine. Instead, hold yourself up high, be brave, and remind yourself what you do well. Then manifest change, find what you love to do, and kick ass.

So, do you love what you do?

*Deloitte Shift Index